This function will compare the previously defined constant with the value currently stored in how to speed up wordpress site the database. We need now to write a function that will check if the database needs to be updated. Now that we’ve covered what we’ll do, it’s time to code! ’t exist. We’ll use this behavior to test if the option we want to update exists in the database. If the option exists in the database, the previous code won’t create it, so your new key won’t exist.

That way, you don’t use a lot of entries in the database, and you limit the chances to have an option with the same name used by another plugin. We retrieve the version number stored in the database, as any other option, and we compare it to the constant. To understand why, assume that you have an array as an option, with some keys.

However, once again, users have a different opinion. However, this can cause issues when we think about the update process. You can do whatever you want in the activation function called above. That’s why we can use our activation function as an update function without any problem. So why do we call the activation function? That way, we won’t call our function every time a page is loaded.

  1. We have a nginx.conf file which is passed into the web container
  2. Define the hook
  3. A whopping 400 icons are included with the theme
  4. Custom-built color changing feature,

This function also updates the version number stored in the database: that way, we won’t call this function more than necessary. Note that this test is necessary for options you don’t want to override. ’ll override the users’ choices every time you update the plugin, which is not what we want to do.

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